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Come talk books with us! This month’s read – as selected by the group during our last meet-up – is Book Club: The City of Folding Faces by Jayinee Basu

As always, we’ll provide a variety of snacks to munch on during the meet-up. We’ll close out the meeting by voting on next month’s book, so have your suggestions ready!

If you’re unable to purchase and/or borrow the book, we’ll have a copy available to read in the Arts and Craft Library.

This is a free event. To join, just read the book and show up at 7pm on Sunday, 09/22. That’s all there is to it!


After returning from the system, each morning Mara forgot who she had been the day before. Every day showed her a new world.
At the mysterious research facility known only as the Casino, anyone can play Roulette but it s not a game for the faint of heart. Those who upload themselves into the system expand their consciousness far beyond natural human limits. But when they return to their bodies and the everyday world, they struggle to function, finding their memories, their speech, and even their dreams changed beyond recognition.
No one fully understands why people choose to upload themselves they must know they’ll come back shattered. But Mara has done it. Now she must find a way to hold on to the one person who matters most in her life, even as the reality she knew seems to be slipping away.