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What is Lockhart Arts & Craft?

Drinking beer, making art

We’re calling it an art bar, but the truth is, there isn’t really a term for what Lockhart Arts & Craft is – it’s one of a kind. Part art studio, part creative space, part community event center, we’re a beer and wine bar with a lot to offer.

At Lockhart Arts & Craft, you’ll be able to attend classes and events, use our studio space and workshop materials to craft and create, and enjoy a glass of wine or a delicious craft beer.

More than any one thing, we aim to be a reflection of the very best of this city, its values, and its community. With a calendar full of exciting classes, a monthly art gallery to showcase the work of our patrons, a quiet nook where you can write the captivating story that’s been brewing in your mind, and community events where you can make memories with friends new and old, Lockhart Arts and Craft is the place for you.

What kinds of classes will you offer?

All kinds

To start, we plan on offering a variety of classes in painting, penciling, writing, and sewing. Some classes will be focused toward developing and growing a skill, other classes might center on creating a single craft that you can take home.

Ultimately, the classes we offer will be up to you. We’ll listen to your feedback, take suggestions, and pay close attention to which classes are the most popular with our customers.

We’re excited to learn just what it is you’d like to learn!

What kinds of events will you host?

All kinds

We’ll have game nights and movie nights, parties, hang-outs, book clubs, and much more. When we’re closer to our opening, you’ll be able to see events and classes on our events calendar.

And, just like our classes, we’ll be paying close attention to which events you want most – whether you’re in desperate need of a relaxing weekly wine-and-knit or you’ve been looking for the perfect place to embark on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign over a pint, we aim to please.

Will you have events or classes for children?

We are a bar, and our focus will be on adult activities, however, we’ll be looking for ways to bring the whole family in on the fun. On our events calendar, you’ll be able to see the age group for any event: adults only, family-friendly, or kids classes.

Check back soon to take a peek at our events.

When will you be open?

We’re currently in our soft open phase, so we’re open during our classes (which we have Wednesday through Sunday), and soon we’ll be open full-time as a beer and wine bar as well! (We’ll still be offering classes and events while the bar is open, so you can either join in or just grab a drink and hang out).